"Fast Affordable Debris Removal and Demolition For Commercial or Residential"


Hey guys, Lacy here. I'm the owner and operator of Pinup Cleanup LLC in Olympia, WA. After years of working as a firefighter and railroad engineer, I decided to open this business to help local construction companies, as well as individuals, get quick and easy access to affordable clean up solutions. Getting things done efficiently and on time is what I'm all about. Why does having a mess need to be a pain? I work with you or your business to make sure the clean up goes as smoothly as possible. Clients are always appreciative of how easy my services can adjust to their needs and schedules. 


During my time with the railroad, I was also the Local Vice Chairman for the United Transportation Union. Working with my fellow union members I used communication to handle the many responsibilities and tasks we needed to accomplish as a group. Being able to "break things down" to make them easier to handle has always been something I've enjoyed doing. Now, it just so happens I'm breaking down your junk and hauling it away! 


Basically, I'm here to provide service to those who need it most: People who are too busy with other projects to worry about cleaning up the mess that's been left behind. This can include:

  • Demolishing the insides of houses including drywall, insulation,         non-load bearing walls,
  • Flooring and carpeting
  • Clutter or Debris Inside houses
  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Old Furniture
  • Outdoor decks
  • Propane tanks
  • Grills
  • Mattresses
  • Cleaning AND Removal of sheds, barns, out buildings, and                   other outdoor debris.


If you've got a mess you need picked up and hauled away, call me at (360) 951-2435